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Legroom Airplanes

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Legroom from planes going or coming from Europe to Kuala Lumpur
Legroom is the distance between the junction of the seat back and seat bottom and the back of the seat ahead. It is not uniformly available from the airlines. What they do all offer is seat pitch, which is the distance between a given part of one seat and the same part on the next seat. This measurement is easy to take and hard to fudge.

I've added also, whether you have a personal tv in the back of the seat in front of you.
Can anyone help with the airlines I didn't fill in

Airline Legroom Personal tv
Gulf Air 71 cm  
Air Asia 71 cm no
Qantas 74 cm
Bitish Airways 79 cm no
KLM 79 cm
Swiss 79 cm no
Emirates 81 cm yes
Eva Air 81 cm yes
Garuda 81 cm
Silk Air 81 cm
Singapore Airlines 81 cm yes
Austrian Airlines 81 cm
Malaysia Airlines 86 cm yes
Thai Airways 86 cm
Air China 86 cm yes
Lufthansa 86 cm no

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