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Kuala Lumpur Sentral

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Kuala Lumpur Sentral

Many people will travel by train from KLIA (the airport) to Kuala Lumpur. The train station of arrival is called
KL Sentral. KL Sentral is the hub for Kuala Lumpur. It's the transfer point for major rail systems including KLIA Ekspres, KLIA Transit, KTM Intercity, KTM Komuter, Putra LRT and KL Monorail. With these rail systems you can get to your destination.
The picture above has been taken at the end of the KL Monorail. We see the red building, which is KL Sentral. The two buildings rising above the station, are two hotels: the Hilton (left) and Le Meridien (right).

For us (tourists) are the most important things of KL Sentral:

- it's our gateway to and from KLIA
- here you is the start of your train passage with jungle train to Kota Bharu (Tumpat)
- going to Padan Besar (Thai Border)
- starting point to Pulau Ketam
- starting point to Putrajaya
- it's a rail transportation hub and other transportation modes such as city buses, hotel coaches and taxis

The train to KLIA

There are two train leaving for the airport (KLIA):
- the KLIA Ekspres
- the KLIA Transit

The difference between those train is, that the Ekspres is a non-stop train to Kuala Lumpur and the Transit has 5 stops.

The KLIA Ekspres takes about 28 minutes to Kuala Lumpur. It departs every 15 minutes. The first train is at 5 am and the last train is at 12 midnight.

The KLIA Transit does the same trip in 35 minutes and has three stops: in Bandar Tasik Selatan, Putrajaya & Cyberjaya and Salak Tinggi. It was designed specially for commuters and airport personnel.

Both are high-speed trains.

You can't make a mistake by taking the wrong train. There are special counters and entrances for those trains.
At the: The high-speed train (KLIA Transit) at the Putrajaya/ Cyberjaya station.


Signs will point you to the right counter. Photo above: a sign to the KLIA Ekspres.

If you're flying back home with the national carrier Malaysia Airlines, you can already check-in at KL Sentral. There are special Baggage Check-ins. Have a look at the photo (left).
So you can get on the train without any luggage.

You can buy your ticket at a special counter, but it can be purchased also at vending machines.
The staff is very friendly and helpful if you need any assistance.

Special gates will bring you to the right platform.

The coaches of the KLIA Ekspress are equipped with comfortable seats, a wheelchair seat compartment, overhead racks for light luggage, racks for large luggage and soon digital entertainment and news broadcasts.
Fare (single) - RM35 (adult) RM15 (child)
Fare (return) - RM70 (adult) RM30 (child).



On excursion to Putrajaya.

This time you need the KLIA Transit.
You go by KL Monorail to KL Sentral, if you're staying in the Golden Triangle.
The KLIA Transit is the local train to  the airport. We'll get off in Putrajaya.
The counter is at the right, when you enter KL Sentral. At the left site of the counter you can go to the platform.
You get off the train in Putrajaya. The trip takes about 25 minutes.
At the station is a taxi counter, where you can hire a taxi. The taxi driver is also your guide. He stops everywhere you want. 
The costs:
- ticket monorail RM2.10
- train ticket return RM15.-
- taxi RM30.- per hour


A day trip to Pulau Ketam.

This time we have to go with the KYM Komuter. We have to buy a ticket to last station: Port Klang.
You'll the counters on the left and right side of the gateways.

It's a local train and it stops at every station. Enjoy your trip through the Klang Valley.
It takes an hour and a half to bring you to Pelabuhan Klang.
There you get off, and walk about 50 meters along the water.
You'll see a large building, which is the office, where you can buy a ticket to Pulau Ketam.

You take the highspeed ferry to Pulau Ketam. Its only a half hour ride ( 12 nautical miles) away from the hustle and bustle of Port Klang. Have a nice day!

On the left: On our way to the platform of the KTM Komuter.

Naar Singapore, Tumpat, Hat Yai

To take the train from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and visa versa is very easy. The Malaysian rail system is extremely well developed on this track. Except for the annoyance at the border crossing from Singapore, where you are forced to get out of the train and wait in a huge customs line. The trip takes about six or so hours, but is quite relaxing, and better then the bus on weekends (traffic).

There are 8 trains a day going to Singapore, 2 trains are going to Tumpat (through the jungle to Kota Bharu) and to trains are leaving for Hat Yai (in Thailand).

Rail system in Kuala Lumpur:

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