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Night Markets

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The Night Markets (Pasar Malam)

The nightmarkets (Pasar Malam) are always very pleasant to go.In the evening it's very nice to walk along all the stalls in search for something to take home. The salesman are certainly not pushy. They wait until you've made your choice. And then ....... the bargaining starts. See my other page about "Bargaining"
You'll find the nightmarkets in the city's, like George Town. Sometimes the nightmarkets move to another area of the town. So, if you want to visit one, please call the Tourist Information or ask at the reception of your hotel, where the night markets are held. In Kuala Lumpur you can go to China Town. There it's always in Petaling Street.
On Penang most people are going to the nightmarket in Batu Ferringhi . Although there are also night markets in George Town (call for these the Tourist Information). In Batu Ferringhi the nightmarket is along the main street. When you're walking down the road, looking for a restaurant, you can have a look at the stalls. It's not so crowded at the stalls and the salesmen are certainly not pushy.
The salesmen are starting around 19.00 hours and they end around 23.00 hours. If it's raining there's a chance, that they won't come at all. And when the selling is bad, then they close sometimes a little bit earlier. They arrive in little vans, which are fully loaded with their business. What you can buy? Cd's, dvd, clothes, T-shirts, souvenirs, paintings, handbags, wallets, sunglasses and so on.
Of course ...... most is illegal stuff, like the watches (Rolex, Breiling), the sunglasses (Gucci), the hanbags (Prado).
The police is taking action against the illegal cd's and dvd's. I think the copying is done in Malaysia. The selling of these illegal cd's and dvd's is also in Batu Frringhi. I don't know, how it works, but................ the salesmen get a phone call, that the police is coming in a quarter of an hour. In a few minutes they break up and the van is loaded and of they go. Then the police arrives and find no cd or dvd on the market. I think their informant must in or near the police station.

The selling of fake watches, t-shirts or sunglasses is is permitted by the police. In the future they want to take action against the watches also. Sometimes there's just one policeman at the nightmarket. Then he doesn't do a thing. Just talking to some of his friends.

These photo's are taken on the nightmarket in Batu Ferringhi

A lot of music cd's.
The copy's are from Malaysia.




All kind of watches.
Favorite are: Rolex, Breitling and Tag Heuer
All for cheap prices.

Tip: in KL (China Town) you can buy the
latest watches.
So if you're going to KL, buy your watch
You have also a better choice.


Souvenirs with masks from Sabah/Sarawak.
Boeddha statues are coming mostly from Thailand.
Kites are coming from Malaysia
(Kota Bharu is famous for that).




Chinese pyjamas
Of course also T-shirts or short trousers from Nike.
Good quality and it's coming from Thailand..


It's not busy.
The salesmen are not pushy, like in Indonesia.


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