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Pasir Belanda

The surroundings of Kota Bharu offer you a wide range of excursions. This beautiful area is full with palm trees and has marvellous, white sandy beaches. Hidden between the palm trees and the bank of the winding river lies Pasir Belanda. There are only a few chalets for rent in this beautiful kampong Banggol, where you can experience the traditional live of Kelantan.
On your discovery tour through kampong Banggol you'll see handicraftsmen making a wau (a traditional kite) or woodcarving beautiful statues. Women are weaving songket or painting batik. You can experience all these handicrafts in kampong Banggol.

There are just a few traditional chalets available in Banggol. A few years ago Harry Mulder came to Banggol and he was so impressed, that he decided to stay in kampong Banggol. His next step was to make a living here and decided to build some chalets "Pasir Belanda". Just five chalets, because he wanted to give his guests the special attention they needed.
The chalets have all the comfort they need: air-conditioning, well equipped bathroom and a veranda, where you can dream away. Thinking of the splendid day you had in this area or listening to the sounds of the jungle.

Harry likes to have personal contact with his guest, so you can ask him anything. If you want to have a barbecue in the garden, a laundry service, tickets to the Perhentian Islands or booking your next hotel on the peninsular.... just ask Harry and he will arrange it for you.

You'll find Pasir Belanda just outside Kota Bharu. The distance between the airport or the train station (Wakaf Bharu) is just 15 minutes. A taxi ride to the city takes just 10 minutes.

In the Cultural Centre of Kota Bharu you can watch a martial arts (silat) demonstration, where combatants assume meditative postures and circle one another with stylized gestures.
A group of drummers wearing cheerful yellow tunics swing into action. The drums have a surprisingly mellow timbre and the rhythm patterns are complex and delicate. There's also kite flying nearby..


One of the chalets.

Cycling in the area

The lively market in Kota Bharu sells fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and meat, and always has a bustling, vibrant atmosphere. Something special to look for are Kelantan's famous lekor (dried crackers)--which are plentiful on the upper floor. You may also notice many of the vendors are women, this fact has contributed to the rather false rumor that Kelantenese men are lazy in nature.

Kampong Banggol is the ideal base to explore the region by bike or by foot. You have every chance to see a fisherman throwing his net to catch fish or to see a monkey picking coconuts for his owner.
Or you can rent a boat (kayak) to float on the river and if you don't like that, explore the region on horseback.
Harry will arrange everything for you!


In kampong Banggol you can take part in a workshops Malay cooking or a workshop painting batik. Harry arranges also a homestay with a Malay family.
Come and stay at Pasir Belanda and enjoy the relaxed, laid-back lifestyle of Kelantan.

Workshop Malay Cooking

Workshop Batik


The most easiest way to book your chalet is to contact Harry. Address:

Pasir Belanda
Resort & Travel Sdn. Bhd.

Kampong Banggol, Jalan PCB
15350 Kota Bharu

Tel/ Fax **60 - (0)9 - 747 7046
Mobile **60 - (0)12 - 509 1743

the interior.


The bathroom

a boat on the river

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