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Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands are the largest and most genteel of the hill resorts in Malaysia. It's located in Pahang's north-western corner, at an altitude of 1,829 meters. The Cameron Highlands were discovered by William Cameron in 1885. In these days the British planters realized that those mountains were very fertile. Because tea was prized commodity among the colonies, they decided to grow tea on the slopes of the Cameron Highlands.
British families who were stationed in Malaysia at the time also took to hills in a respite from the hot, humid tin mines and rubber plantations. Some of the old bungalows, which they left behind are still being preserved for viewing by tourist, with a few facilities added for the conveniences of visitors. So, much of the character of the Cameron Highlands has remained unchanged since colonial times.

Since that time the Cameron Highlands has developed into a favored getaway among honeymooning couples. The cool, fresh air on the highlands is also a retreat for city dwellers who want to retreat temporarily from the noise and pollution in the city.
The drive time from Kuala Lumpur is about three and a half hours. It is a 295 km drive. The quickest route is by the North-South Expressway turning in near the town of Tapah. From Tapah you will hit the long winding road (about 60km) to Cameron Highlands. Driving up to Cameron Highlands is a pleasure in itself, as many interesting stops along the way can be made. You can take a short break at the Kuala Woh Forest Recreation Park. There are picnic areas and a hot spring.

There are several tour companies along the main drag in Tanah Rata. Most have tours leaving around 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. and include visits to a tea plantation, where you see the tea-making process; a strawberry farm; a butterfly farm; a rose garden; and the Sam Poh Chinese Buddhist temple. I think they all cost around the RM15 to 20.
January is one of the main picking months for strawberries. They grow 4 crops a year!
There are other more extensive tours of the region- including ones to an Orang Asli village.

Orang Asli Look at: the dream people...

Instead of a package tour (for which I suggest you consult several travel agents) you can rent a car and drive around. Car hire is around $US 35 a day for a Group B car (1.5 liter four door manual sedan,) and petrol was about RM1.30.

Nature lovers will enjoy the trails which takes you to see some of the spectacular views of the highland forests.
You will discover the natural beauty of Cameron Highlands. You can admire the various forest plants and animals. You can also explore the more difficult trails. Please take a guide with you!
The Cameron Highlands are well known because of its tea plantations. You can visit the tea factories to see the process of tea production and some have shops where you can drink and buy tea. But in this cool climate tea is not the only thing to grow on the highlands. On its fertile soil also grow: fruits and vegetables like tomato, cauliflower and cabbage, roses and fresh strawberries. Sometimes they call it: Malaysia's 'Green Bowl'.

The home of the Orang Asli, working on the tea plantations

The most popular sights are the area's tea plantations and strawberry farms, its lovely rose gardens and waterfalls, and the busy market square at Brinchang. In this town of Brinchang you can also find colonial Tudor Inns, rose gardens, handicraft stores and a Buddhist temple. Other relaxing activity's in the Cameron Highlands are: touring, dining, tracking, golfing and shopping.


1 ) All Souls Church
2 ) Bertam Valley
3 ) Bharat Tea Estate
4 ) Boh Teh Estate
5 ) Butterfly Garden
6 ) Cameron Highlands Golf Club
7 ) Cameron HighlandsGolf Course Inn
8 ) Equatorial Hotel
9 ) Father's Guest House
10 ) Lake House
11 ) Gold Dollar Tea Estate
12 ) Heritage Hotel
13 ) Kea Farm
14 ) Mardi
15 ) Merlin Hotel
16 ) Parit Waterfall
17 ) Police Station
18 ) Robinsons Waterfall
19 ) Rose Garden
20 ) Sg. Palas Tea Estate
21 )Strawberry Farm
22 )Ye Olde Smoke House
23 )Youland FlowerNursery

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